Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Full of many different colors of nature, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is an amazing and exclusive thorny forest pervaded with xerophyte species. The sanctuary falls into the rain-shadow area of Western Ghats and is home to the exotic species of Giant Grizzled Squirrel of India whose number is less than 200 in the entire forest region. The appeal of the sanctuary is enhanced by a nearby Sandalwood forest and huge herds of elephants and gaur passing that can be witnessed here by the visitors. The forest provide shelter to such different species as spotted dear, elephants, hanuman langur, sambar and peacocks while an amazing mix of dense vegetation of deciduous forest furnishes an ideal range for trekking. The sanctuary, situated about 230 kilometers from Ernakulam railway station and nearly 204 kilometers from Cochin International Airport is great place to spend some quiet moments in the lap of wildlife and nature.